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  1. ~~windows - 7 ki ek tip ~~
  2. ~~Change the size of Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnails~~
  3. ~~HOW TO USE Master password IN FIRE FOX ~~
  4. ~~windows 8 short cut keys ~~
  5. ~~Center icons in taskbar~~
  6. brfbari aap k pc p..!!
  7. ~~Gmail ab fire fox main aap ke sath~~
  8. ~~GMAIL main html signature lagaye ~~
  9. ~~Hidden Themes in windows-7~~
  10. :=:Change IDM toolbar With Win 7 Icons:=:
  11. :=:Adjust Dim, Turn-Off or Set your PC to Sleep in Windows 7:=:
  12. :=:Remove/Disable Banners & Advertisements on Skype:=:
  13. MediaFire sa file sarch krnye k asan tareeqa
  14. [ Amazing Tip]computer startup ma apna naam lagine :d [ Amazing Tip]
  15. ~~Now No Need of IDM Download Everything With Firefox~~
  16. ~~**Namaz Times In Your FireFox**Really**~~
  17. ~~**Download All Videos With Net Video Hunter**Amazing Yar**~~
  18. ~~**TurnOff Lights In BACKgROUND DurinG Playing Video**~~MUST see**~~
  19. Block mail from a specific sender
  20. ~~**FireShot - Webpage Screenshots: Capture + Annotate 0.95**~~AMazIng ExTension**~~
  21. **~~Theme Font & Size Changer 3.2**~~AwEsome**FAnTasTic**~~Do NOt MIss**~~
  22. ~~How To Change Command Prompt Text And Background Color In 7~~
  23. ~~Fix: Program exe has stopped working~~WINDOWS 7
  24. Lock Your HDD Partition Without any Software
  25. Cueclub mouse problem khatam
  26. ~*~{Quick and Easy Way to Delete Internet Browser Caches, Cookies, or History}~*~
  27. ~*~{6 Ways To Open Windows Task Manager}~*~
  28. ~*~{Easy Way to Select Files in Windows Vista and Windows 7 with Check Boxes}~*~
  29. ~*~{Master YouTube Search with Simple Commands}~*~
  30. کیا آپ کا سسٹم سلو چلتا ہے
  31. ~*~{Apnay Favorite Website se Milti Julti Websites Google Search se Maloom Karin}~*~
  32. کمزور نظر والوں کیلئے
  33. ~*~{TIP: Crop Images In MS Word}~*~
  34. Ik gmail account se bohat se accounts bnana
  35. ~*~{Completely Remove Chat from your Gmail}~*~
  36. ♥<~Check How Long Has Your System Been Running~>♥
  37. Folder name
  38. ~*~{TIP: How to Make a List of the Installed Drivers on a PC}~*~
  39. ~*~{Forcefully Empty the Recycle Bin for All Users in Windows}~*~
  40. Change startup logo
  41. ونڈوز کے ایرر ختم کریں
  42. اسٹارٹ اپ پروگرام آپ کی مرضی کے مطابق
  43. ایک ہی پیج پہ تمام تھریڈ دیکھ لیں۔
  44. .:~Kia aap ka AntiVirus theek kam kar raha hai???~:.
  45. Local Disk Search Window Opening
  46. Windows Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts
  47. ٹا سک با ر سے فضول آئی کان ہٹائیں
  48. Remote Desktop Connection:
  49. -Local Drive Hide Karnay ka Asaan Tariq-
  50. Ab Screen Short lana No Problem
  51. How to search old eMail in Yahoo Mail!
  52. How to save Yahoo eMail in your New Folder!
  53. increase your internet speed
  54. IT Dunya Ki TIP.
  55. 1 choti si tip
  56. ~*~{Modern Web Browsers Mai Tabs Ko Open & Close Karnay K Shortcut Keys}~*~
  57. Choti si tippppp
  58. hide deta
  59. ~*~{TIPS : How to choose a safe password}~*~
  60. Browsing through address toolbar
  61. Close all parent Directories togather
  62. Convert your PC to Pentium 5
  63. Decrease boot time
  64. Sticky Menu
  65. Run Check Disk (chkdsk)
  66. Hide your files as system files
  67. Play DVD's in Windows media player
  68. Block websites
  69. Yahooo tip
  70. Apny Computer pentium 4 ko 5 karyn (must see)
  71. ->Some usFuL TiPs<-
  72. urdu typing sekhne k liye tip
  73. ایم ایس ورڈ میں لائن لگانے کیلئے شارٹ کٹ
  74. how to speed up your pc
  75. Skype: Now Solve Mic Problem In Windows 7
  76. اپنے ماؤس ایرو کی کو کی بورڈ کی مدد سے چلائی&#
  77. موزیلا فائر فاکس اور آئی ڈی ایم (ایک بہتری
  78. ~*~{The Hidden Master List of Useful Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts}~*~
  79. ** IDM Speed Optimizer **
  80. Usb mein background lgana
  81. Place Your Name With date icone place of am and pm
  82. فا سٹ کمپیو ٹر ا یکس پی
  83. |\|٭٭Magic Trik ٭٭|\|
  84. Dos Kay Comands
  85. Burn cd\dvd without software
  86. BBC Urdu in Nastaleeq font
  87. You Tube Videoz abh Streaming k baghair daikhain
  88. Enjoy Lowest Calls to Pakistan - StuntCalls.
  89. Screen short in ms world
  90. How to remove window Genuine Advantage Notification
  91. آپکا سسٹم کور آئی سیون ھے۔۔۔۔
  92. !*Win7 Series~ Windows 7 main to chupay rustam bhi hain ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  93. BANDWIDTH speed ko barhaye
  94. !*Win7 Series~Method to add the link of Video folder in Win7 Start menu~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  96. !*Win7 Series~ How To Adjust Taskbar Icons Smaller , In Windows 7 ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  97. !*Win7 Series~ Change Taskbar Buttons of Windows7 look like WindowsXP ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  98. !*Win7 Series~ Rename Start Menu Sections In Windows 7 ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  99. Smilies
  100. !*Win7 Series~ Remove Items from Your Start Menu List in windows 7 ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  101. -=-Part 1-Tmam Browsers K liye same Short Keys***تمام براؤزر کے لیے ایک جیسی شارٹ ک
  102. -=-Part 2~~Tmam Browsers K liye same Short Keys***تمام براؤزر کے لیے ایک جیسی
  103. !*Win7 Series~ Restore Previously opened folders after logon in win7 ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  104. -=-Part 3~~Tmam Browsers K liye same Short Keys***تمام براؤزر کے لیے ایک جیسی
  105. !*Win7 Series~Icon's per show hone wali Unnecessory Details ka khatima ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  106. Snipping Tool (WINDOWS 7) -~Must See~-
  107. !*Win7 Series~ Windows 7 Resource Monitor Kya he? ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  108. پر لاک لگائیں بغیر سوفٹ وئیر کےusb
  109. !*Win7 Series~ Programs and Features and their all details ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  110. !*Win7 Series~ Windows 7 main Guest Account Enable karna ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  111. !*Win7 Series~ Windows 7 main error reporting ko disable karain ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  112. !*Win7 Series~ How to Enable Quick Launch bar in Windows 7? ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  113. !*Win7 Series~ Win 7 Calculator men Pi ki mukammal value maloom krain ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  114. ***لائٹ جانے پر بھی ہارڈدسک خراب نہ ہو***
  115. !*Win7 Series~ Control your Windows7 Notifications in Notification Area~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  116. !*Win7 Series~ Launch Windows 7 Programs With Initials in Search Box ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  117. check your computer restart time with vb trick
  118. !*Win7 Series~ Windows 7 main har jagha font size increase karain ~sǝıɹǝs 7uıʍ*!
  119. Hard Drive tez karain
  120. kia aap k keyboard k button khrab hain ? no problem num pad se abcd likhen
  121. Speed up your usb (flash memory)
  122. How to center the Taskbar icons in Windows 7.
  123. Har Website 3d main dakhain
  124. window se virus or croupt file delete karin very simple
  125. itdunya per link dain serf 1click per download link
  126. ‏‎Make Short Key of any ProGramme‎
  127. AUTO PLAY Disable / Unable in Window 7
  128. Windows security centre
  129. Computer's Most UseFul Tips&Tricks By IDEAL BOY|Must Visit
  130. WIN RAR with 2 tips
  131. How to Get Serial/Keygen of Any Software
  132. UNDO ki ahmiyat!!!!!!!!!!!!
  133. WFP ke Zarye System Files Ko Mehfoz Karna...
  134. Na-Pasandeda Web Sites Block Karna
  135. Block Adds/Tracking in Opera Browser
  136. ♥<~Youtube Secret Trick Must Try یوٹیوب میں گیم چلائیں~>♥
  137. fast internet aspeed
  138. system tips
  139. Turn off karney se pehlay
  140. Rezume Idm File In a Second
  141. Make own Screen Saver in one minut
  142. google tip
  143. Auto Run Hony Waly programs(cds aur usb)ko disable kr k PC ko virus sy bachaien
  144. .|.KeyBoard Lock & Unlock.|.|
  145. computer bolay ga with out software
  146. AB .exe files ko b email karen bila jijuk
  147. 3 Tips for MS-Word
  148. Convert Windows SP2 into SP3 in One Minute Only
  149. Choti Si Tip
  150. How to fast internet speed?
  151. Delete na honay wali files ko delete karnay ka tariqa.
  152. Function Keys(F1-F12) aur un k functions
  153. Problem in changing theme
  154. Apnay computer ki brightness barhain
  155. Google Chrome ki Saholiyat say Faheda utahay
  156. Copying Trick Must See
  157. Change the way of Searching
  158. pc ko auto shutdown karne ka tariqa
  159. start>run ma use hiny wali amzing keys
  160. Age Calculation in Excel
  161. virus remove karne ka tariqa
  162. window minimize and maximize shortcuts
  163. Window file ko asaani sy select karen
  164. Error deleting file k msg wali her file delete kren
  165. ab yahoo k msgs ap k mobile per. . . .
  166. Help me plsssss
  167. Opera-mini use karny walon k lyay khush khabri
  168. window ki carapt file instal kary barag kisi software k
  169. Internet ki speed 1000+kb/s karen
  170. Skype Mien Id Banay Ka Tareqa Ya Ha
  171. Make folder whitout any name very easy
  172. net ki speed fast kary
  173. apny broswer ka popup masseag katam kay
  174. apney computer ki information jany very easy
  175. Block All Internet Ads
  176. Make Short Key of Any Programme
  177. Secret Information about CNIC
  178. bootable usb without software for win 7
  179. Disable & Enable USB Disk
  180. 4shared 20 seconds waiting *No*No*No*
  181. Short cut of Usb Enable & Disable
  182. Lock Folder Without Any Software New Trick
  183. Kya apki nazar kamzor hay?
  184. سوفٹ ویئرکے بغیرسسٹم پارٹیشن لاک کریں
  185. انٹرنیٹ سپیڈ بڑھانے کے لئے ایک جگاڑ
  186. Mouse Scroll
  187. جی میل صارفین ١٠ جی بی تک فائل بھیج سکیں گے
  188. windows 7 desktop icon size kam karna seekhain
  189. اپنےکمپیوٹرکی عمرمعلوم کریں
  190. (Start Up Sound par Bismillah al rahman al rahim)
  191. System Properties
  192. Change my Documents icon on Desktop
  193. Short cut to create new folder in windows xp
  194. آپکی ویب سائٹ چائنہ میں بلاک تو نہیں
  195. short cut to create new folder on desktop window xp
  196. 25 MB se ziada size ki file bhejne ka tariqa
  197. KIA AAP ke PC KE RAM KAM HAI ??
  198. فل اسپیڈ انٹرنیٹ بنا سافٹوئیر کے۔۔۔ win xp , 7 ,8
  199. آ پ اپنے کسی بھی پسندیدہ فولڈر، فائل، گیم ی
  200. How to shutdown another computer on a network
  201. Windows and Explorer Tips & Short Keys by Khalid
  202. Inter "Safe Mode" without using F8 in win xp and win 7
  203. Hide WaterMarks in Different Folders
  204. BIOS ka pasword maloom karain
  205. Start Menu pa apna Naam Wthout software
  206. کو ملٹی بنائیں Yahoo Messanger
  207. کسی کو بھی (سی ڈی یا ڈی وی ڈی) چلانے سے کیعے روª
  208. Decrease image size
  209. ھارڈڈسک کی کسی بھی ڈراؤکوھااءڈ کریں
  210. apne pc ki speed teez kary new tip
  211. Amazing !!!!!! Must Try....!!
  212. Excel Tip
  213. The Best Google Trick - "Do a Barrel Roll"
  214. windows Xp Product Activation Run Command
  215. Who Say????
  216. My Computer is very Slow.....
  217. Disable Error Reporting Tip
  218. Blaa===> Download Everything From www.getjar.com on ur PC with ease
  219. Help And Support Mein KerBoard Shortcuts
  220. Windows XP Ka Welcome Note Change Karna Sikhein
  221. How To Remove Registry Entry Of a Software from Registry
  222. increase computer speed
  223. Computer Information
  224. Bina Kisi Software k File Par Password Lagaye
  225. News Ke Niche Jo Line Chalti Hai Is Ke Jaisi Line Banana Sikhein
  226. Double Click Ka Kaam Ab Aik Click Pe Karain
  227. A Tip About Virus Scanning
  228. Google Mein Time & Date Dekhein
  229. Google Trick
  230. !~*~ Mediafire Trick ~*~!
  231. Command prompt ke Title bar per apna naam likhain(Please See....)
  232. ~Window XP Ki Perform Behter Banane K Liye.
  233. پریشان ہونے کی ضرورت نہیں۔
  234. آئی پی ایڈریس تبدیل کریں۔
  235. کی بورڈ کی مدد سے ماوس چلائیں
  236. useful trick
  237. Speed up Internet 100%working
  238. file blocked for violation mediafire problems solved 100% working
  239. Hacker tu gaye kaam se new trick by soban shah
  240. Delete hony wali file ko Re-cycle bin mein jany say rokain......Awesome Shortcut Key
  241. Ab Ovi Store Sy koi Bhi File Download Karain ...... No Suite Required ......!!!
  242. \(^'~. How To Remove Display Rotation .~'^)/
  243. \(^'~. How To Remove Your User Name From Skype
  244. win7 mn search option ko off kerna seekhen
  245. Recycle bin ka size chota krain ya bara marzi...
  246. Change Case In excel Very Easy
  247. Ab browser Kare Apni History Khud Khatam
  248. انٹر نیٹ کی برائوزنگ اسپیڈ تیز کریں
  249. ~* Open My Computer Any Where Via Short Key *~
  250. \(^'~. How To Show You Hidden Desktop .~'^)/