#hajj1438 #Hajj2017
*Hajj : DAY 1*
Alhamdulillah it is the first day of The annual Hajj Pilgrimage. The Hujjaj proceed from Makkah Mukarramah to the tent city of Mina. It is a day to rest, perform salaah, engage in the remembrance of Allah and prepare for The Great Day of Arafat which is to follow. This is a journey of a lifetime for many who have saved a long time to fulfill the fifth Pillar of Islam.
The doctor, the lawyer, the beggar, and the man selling on a street...all walk in unison as this Sacred journey begins - All in one dress, the ihram, knowing not the rich standing next to the beggar. Tears of the pious, tears of the sinner, tears of the the rich and tears of the poor are all just the same water. Together they stand in the city of tents, praising Allah, seeking His forgiveness and eagerly awaiting the following day. Oh how beautiful this Islam is: Peace and simplicity, unity and submitting to The One Creator. Allahu Akbar!
Go well Oh Hujjaj.. your every step is being heard in the Heavens.
Oh Allah take us all for Hajj and leave not even one of us behind. Aameen.
#hajj1438 #Hajj2017 #hajj1438 #Hajj2017