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    Webhosting in Pakistan
    Every blogger or webmaster needs additional organic traffic on the website. as a result of organic traffic is freed from price & High-quality traffic. top 3 organic results get more than 60 minutes traffic for that keyword within the Google search results. And only first result gets the virtually 35th clicks.

    But it’s impossible if your website doesn’t show up in Google search results. because if Google doesn’t recognize your website then how Google will rank your website in search results?

    That’s why your website should be indexed by Google.

    In this guide, I shall share some helpful info which is able to help you to index your website instantly in Google your website visible in search engines quickly.

    Google indexing could be a massive challenge. particularly once you have a brand new website. I recently launched a brand new website; www.Gbwhatsapp-mods.com which is the affiliate website. It absolutely was a giant challenge to index this new website in Google in 24 hours. however, with a correct strategy, I became successful to Index it in only 10 Hours.

    You can attempt the following instructions for quicker Google indexation of a brand new website. but Before that, you must clear the idea of Google indexing.

    What Does Indexing Means?
    Indexing is the process of adding new websites in the database of any search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. The process of indexing depends on your meta tags used in your web page.

    For example, if you add the meta tag of “no-index” then your site will never be indexed in the Google or any other Search engines. So first make sure that you have used “index” meta tags in your posts. By default, it is already “index” but some people change these settings. So, you should be very careful using this setting.

    Every search engines have robots which are known as “Spiders” or “bots”. These robots crawl your website to check your website’s every page and post when they found the new web page or post on your website. Then they check if it has “index” or “no-index” meta tag. If your site has “index” meta tag your site will be indexed in google Database. Otherwise, it won’t be indexed.

    How to Check If Website is Indexed or Not?
    To check if your website is indexed or not all you have to do is use “site:” prefix with your domain name and search it in Google.

    For example “site:gamerzgadgets.com” (without Quotes).

    Prefix “Site:” used to check the index status of any site.

    When you enter this prefix, you will find out all the pages and post which are indexed in Google’s Database. I

    So, after searching if you didn’t get any search result on google then it means your website is not indexed by Google.
    Now you just need to follow this simple guide to get your site indexed in Google fast.

    Here is the complete strategy that I used to index my new website in Google within 10 hours only. You can also follow this strategy to get your site indexed in Google within few hours.

    Let’s Start.

    But first, do all on-site settings (like as permalink structure etc.) for your website then start work on this….!

    After WordPress installation, I customized the WordPress settings like theme etc, and Do some WordPress SEO setting then I did the following steps:

    Setup Google Webmaster Console
    This is the free tool which is offered by the Google. You need to set up your Google Webmaster Console account for this you must have Gmail account. After signing up in Google Webmaster Console now you have to verify the site ownership with both versions (with www & without www) of your site. Then from there, you can choose which version you will use. It’s recommended to use without www version. Because it doesn’t have many redirects which are best for the SEO.

    You should also sign up for Yandex, yahoo site explorer, and Bing webmaster and then verify the ownership their as well.

    Setup Google Analytics Account
    Create a Google Analytics Account for your new website. Then connect it to your website. If you are using WordPress then you can use a Google analytics plugin to connect your website with Google Analytics. But you can also connect it by using Editor, and cPanel.

    Submit a Sitemap
    Create a sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster console. Sitemap helps to Google crawler to easily find & crawl your website.

    If you are on WordPress then you can use Yoast SEO plugin or any other plugins to generate a sitemap for your website.

    You should need to submit your sitemap to Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and with other popular search engines.

    Sitemap includes a map of your site. For example, how it looks, how many pages it has, how many posts it has etc.

    Use Social Media
    You need to create accounts on the all major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. now you have to share your website on these social media site. This helps Google to find your website faster than you expect. Even you can get traffic from the social Media which lead your website to get high rank in Google Search engine and other search engines.

    Create your social media accounts with your site name. Make a Facebook page with your brand name etc.

    As you know Alexa is the most popular site which helps to find the rank of any website. That’s why you can take the advantage of this popular website.

    All you need to do is search your new website in Alexa to check the popularity of your website (You can check popularity by Going Here). When you do this your website will be added to Alexa’s database and whenever Google re-crawls the Alexa then your website will be crawled as well.

    Analysis sites
    There are many sites to analyze the page-speed, SEO, Traffic, Worth, Mobile friendliness, whose data, and much more. Websites like as- GTmetrix, Pingdom, Google page speed checker, Google Mobile friendly tester, smallseotools, and much more are very popular and high-quality sites.

    Check your website on these websites. So, whenever Google bots re-crawl these sites then your site will be crawled by Google bots as well. This works same as the Alexa.

    Blog Commenting
    This is the most popular method for making the backlinks (If you don’t know what are backlinks? Click here to check my article on backlinks). But you can use this method even for indexing your website.
    All you need to do is find the website with High PR (Page Rank). And then comment on that website. So, when Google crawls such website then your site will be crawled by Google bots.

    With this method, you won’t only able to index your website. But also, you can get the Backlinks for your website which is the necessary thing for SEO.

    IMT Website Submitter tool
    Click here to go to the IMT Website submitter tool. This tool helps you to get your website index fast and also this will give you almost 1800+ High-Quality backlinks as well.

    Social Bookmarking
    The social bookmarking website used for the Off-Page SEO techniques (I have already discussed on that). But you can also use these sites for indexing your website. You just need to create an account on these sites and then just simply bookmark your website there.

    These are few social bookmarking sites – Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Stumble Upon.

    Ping Services
    This is another tool which helps the Google and other search engines to inform about your website. You can use pingomatic & pingler tool for ping services. These are free tools.

    If you are using WordPress, then you don’t need to do anything because it pings site automatically. But if you are using any other platform then you have to do it manually with those tools.

    Fetch as Google
    You can use this option from Google Webmaster Console. You can fetch your website homepage URL in Google webmaster console. Then your website will take some minutes to some hours to index in Google.

    To fetch your homepage, you don’t need to put anything in the box just leave the box empty and click on Fetch button. But if you want to fetch a web page in Google then enter the only post URL (URL which is coming after the name URL of your website) in the typing box.

    Use Robots.txt
    Robots.txt is used to give some strict commands to search engines. We give commands to search engine in two ways; “Allow” & “Disallow”. With allow command, we give them permission to search engine to crawl and index. But with “disallow” command, we tell to search engine that doesn’t crawl and index that web page.

    Every page on your website has no need to crawl & index. Like as- your admin access page. But if you have not a robot.txt file for your website then search engine crawl & index all the web pages of your website.

    Setup RSS Feed
    RSS is a feed of a website which automatically updates when you publish a new content on your website. Your visitors can subscribe to your website feed. RSS Feed will help you to increase your site readership as well as indexing your new site.


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    Webhosting in Pakistan
    Last wala link bi ap ki website ka hi ha na ?

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