Smash the Dummy

Hello friends today I am going to share an amazing game for Android which named as Smash the Dummy. In the game you have to Kill, smash, hit or just explode your ragdoll! Itís a bloody game where you can stab, hit, punch, or kick the buddy. Beating up this doll is violent and satisfying. Download and try it out now! Defend yourself from the mannequin, he wants to kill you.

Angry people need something to satisfy their anger. When we are angry or upset we often wish that we can beat up people who have hurt or wronged us. If you have a bad boss, maybe you have desired to beat. Now with our ragdoll shooter game, you can lash out on people on your Android phone easily. You can shoot, punch, stab, or doing various things to the dummies in this game kill the dude. Destroy dude.

Features of the Game

- Play with your virtual doll or give him a beatdown.

- Do target practice with a crash test dummy.

- Awesome 3D graphic with realistic simulated physics.

- User friendly and easy to use.

- Have fun with your ragdoll in a unique sandbox shooter.

- Perfect for anger management and stress release.

- Redo your work if youíre unsatisfied.

- Collect coins by beating the ragdoll and use the money to unlock more weapons.

- Various weapons for ragdoll torture.

- Get your anger out in your very own ragdoll physics simulator sandbox.

- Take picture of the result of your work and share your ragdoll kill .

- Beat or kill the boss who annoys you anytime and anywhere (even when youíre at work!).

- Defend yourself from the killer dummy.