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Thread: How to Check if a Car is Broken in Past?

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    Default How to Check if a Car is Broken in Past?

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    Beautiful, neat, bright, as if a sample from a factory had already dropped significantly in price if it had already been in an accident. Such cars are repaired by knowledgeable resellers in two accounts and presented to the buyer in the best possible way. Sometimes at first glance you will not notice what an almost brand new car can conceal. And the attractive price compared to other cars with visible chips immediately prompts you to buy.

    Reconditioned cars are a tidbit for dishonest sellers. Resellers, private traders, car dealerships , and even official dealers can slip a broken car . Defining it is not so difficult. This should be learned at least in order to cut the price in time .

    What is important to know
    How to check a broken car or not? Before you start checking, we recommend taking a few simple but important recommendations.

    Check if the car is broken or not

    If you understand cars carzaamin(.)com at the “gas and brake” level, it is better to call a person who knows a little more about them . It will be calmer.
    It is advisable to inspect the car in the afternoon, when good natural light plays in your favor. Or take care of high-quality artificial light, allowing in which case to distinguish waves on the surface and the difference in the colors of the paint.
    The car must be clean! Otherwise, it will be impossible to discern the flaws.
    Take a thickness gauge with you to check where the putty is used, which is not used at the factory.

    Virtual tuning helps to hide the most obvious nuances. Shoot everything that is removed. Additional elements may interfere with knowing the real picture.
    If it is raining, snowing or hurricane outside, we recommend reschedule the inspection to another day. Extra interference to you to anything.
    Never rely on the first impression of the car. And even more so do not trust the opinion of those who understand little about this (for example, the advice of a wife).

    Self-checking a broken car
    So, you have decided on the car. The seller listed a complete list of the advantages of his "swallow". It remains to check whether the car is actually broken. Well, let's start the inspection.

    We study the geometry of the body. To do this, open and close all the doors in the car. Opening difficulties can occur even with the slightest damage. Remember that a curved body is the first sign of a car that has been repaired. Read how to check body geometry .
    To deal with the painting, step back a few meters from the car and peer at it from different sides. So you will easily notice shades and transitions, which will indicate a possible repair after an accident. Read how to check paint on a car.
    Not only the appearance of the purchase can give evidence. Climb as deep as possible - inspect everything under the hood of the car, look under the luggage compartment and do not forget about the opening for the spare wheel. In such hidden places, traces of painting are hidden.
    A non-standard or unpainted part that caught my eye is another sign that the body was under repair. Have a good look at all fasteners. As a rule, cheaper paint is used for replacement, which will be different. If you suspect a replacement, compare them with the same on the other side of the case.
    If the parts have been removed at least once for painting or repair, then traces of tools will be visible on them. Take a look at the screws, slots and mounting bolts.

    Inspect the welding spots. During factory work, the seams and dots look neat, the sealant is perfectly distributed. In other cases, the seam looks ugly and awkward.
    Go to the headlights. It happens that one headlight shines brighter than another. However, there are no scratches on it. This suggests that, most likely, it was replaced.
    Examine the entire body. If you find traces of rust and corrosion, then the car was in an accident. Damaged factory staining is not fully restored, and affected parts begin to rust.
    Peer into the openings between the wings and adjacent parts, the bumper and the mating parts. And also look at the location of the hood, headlights, trunk lid and doors relative to the body. The gaps between them in an unbroken car are the same on all sides, the doors open clearly and without extraneous sounds.
    And in the end, ask a question directly to the former owner of the car. The trickster will immediately tell you a thousand and one plus cars, trying to hide the flaws. Or he’ll start to broadcast not on business.

    Checking a car for an accident using online services
    The ability to independently inspect a used car can often help out upon purchase. However, not always. The tricks of real pros are hardly even distinguished by specialists. But it is not all that bad. You can find out if the car was in an accident using the CarZaamin auction service carzaamin(.)com/auction. At the moment, this is one of the few services that offers a full report on your car by state. number without using vin. Having paid a symbolic amount of 349 rubles, you will receive detailed information about the vehicle, starting from the history of registration actions and ending with its participation in accidents. You will see the following data:

    How many times the car got into an accident. The report will include all recorded cases.
    Date of an accident - how long the car was broken.
    Type of accident. How and under what circumstances the car became a participant in the accident.
    Damage received. You will find out which parts of the car were damaged.
    In addition, you will find out if the owner contacted the insurance company after the accident. The report gives the calculation of insurance repair work, which describes in detail:

    Costing date
    Document Number;
    fixed mileage;
    cost of repair work;
    damaged parts of the car;
    necessary type of repair.

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    here are Eight Engine Performance Warning Signs:
    1. Check Engine Light Activates. An activated check engine light is a powerful tool that is designed to inform you of potential engine trouble.
    2. Loss of Power.
    3. Gas Mileage Drop-off.
    4. Noises Galore.
    5. Engine Stalling.
    6. Odors.
    7. Engine Continues to Run after Ignition is Turned Off.
    8. Rough Running Engine.
    these tips can help to check if a car engine is prerforming very well on no.

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