Aslam O Alaykum all bros!

How are you? Hope feel good !

Brother i have a domain and Powerful hosting of you know it is very powerful. And problem is that!

I have a script for photo gallary named 4images!

Now how can i use it i read its guide in it they told

First you extract 4images and then upload i did it and then open your site and after that install.php i did then a page open there it asked me for some thing
like database name user name password etc how can i install it.

please check it 4images you can get it easily from Google search.

Let me know step by step i read your PHP lesions i cnt get it there you tell me how can i handle php templates like 4images how to host , database , editing etc.

i have already a site made in 4images but it made by my friend i asked him about how it made but he cnt tell me.

Now i am asking my Form about my problem i want to give him surprise about my knowledge and research but fail to do now you help me be a brother and be a form fellow.

I hope i ll see positive reply very soon and i say thanks in advance i know i have many special expert brothers here,

Your truly Brother,
Ali Raza
Sialkot 03456758689