📲 Flowclass is a new generation of tutoring tutors Tutor App, which intelligently recommends 3000 tuition agencies and private tutors' evaluations and course information in Hong Kong.

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💡 The information is completely transparent, highlighting the personal characteristics of each instructor, and has a comparative student evaluation function to master the most comprehensive information such as timetables, teaching styles, and class modes without leaving the house.

📚 There are everything available, easily find tutoring courses for DSE, IB, middle school, elementary school, sub-examination, internal examination, interest class, etc., online tuition, home tuition, private tutoring.

💰 First in Hong Kong, private tutors, parents, and student matching are completely free, allowing free contact. Break down the shortcomings of tuition intermediary such as deafness, low efficiency, obstructing communication, and no longer mismatch the tutor!


【Exclusive tuition discount 🏆】

💳 Cooperate with more than one hundred tuition agencies in Hong Kong to deliver discounted courses and free tuition regularly, so that you can register at the lowest price and never miss any free trial classes and activities.

⌚ Appointment time for tuition courses online, with pre-class reminders, organize Online Class video conference links, and join timetables, so you no longer worry about missing tuition courses.

🔎 Search by region, subject, grade, teaching style, learning needs, etc., and contact directly through the chat room to indicate the teaching needs, clip it and then go to class, no longer wasting time to mislead the tutor.


【Three-step tuition, no two minutes 🏆】

1️⃣ Enter subjects, grades, patterns, etc. to
let the system find the tuition agency and course that suits you. Comprehensive comparison of the characteristics of each tutorial school course, to give you the best choice.

2️⃣ Freely compare all tuition agencies,
provide countless options, update course information in real time, check student reviews and comments, and provide the most credible reference.

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