Dear Members of IT Dunya, who love to read about the English language, may have noticed that there is a lot of difference between today's English and ancient English. Before we discuss these differences and their roots, we should throw light on the concept that the English language is derived from other neighboring languages. Some of those languages are now obsolete and some are still in use. When we read the classical English poetry, we can see that formation of sentences is not derivated but mostly the spelling of words differs in the English language. The linguistic experts have distributed the English language in 04 eras. It is known as the 4 Eras of English Language.

Distribution of English Language

The distribution of evolution is based on various events that have taken place at different times. Significantly, it starts from 55 BC. That was the era when the Roman Empire invaded the Britain under the flags of Julius Caesar. They brought a new sense of linguistics with them. After the invasion and then the stability of Rome, poets and writers came to Britain. This phenomenon continued until Anglo-Saxon colonies were formed in 449 AD. It was significantly and remarkably a totally new advancement.

After that, in 792 AD, The Scandinavian Vikings finally succeeded to get lands inside England and construct colonies in Britain. They brought Scandinavian languages with them. Their folk tales and poetry is considered rich linguistic material. Undoubtedly it also changed the shape of the English language. Normans also invaded Britain in the sixth decade of 1000 AD. So, English got influenced by the Norweign languages too.