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Thread: iChooseTo - think twice before opening an app!

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    Default iChooseTo - think twice before opening an app!

    iChooseTo may not work on devices which are very restrictive with background processes (e.g. Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi). Please visit to eventually make it work!

    Main functionalities:
    - iCT: Before you open an app (of choice) you get displayed a screen (for a choosen amount of time), asking you if you really want to open it.
    - re-iCT: Choose again after a certain amount of time
    - iCT-on-unlock: Stop unconsciously checking your phone. iCT-on-unlock will show up each time you attempt to unlock your phone and ask you if you really want to do it.

    You find yourself wasting hours on semiproductive apps like YouTube, Instagram, Reddit or WhatsApp?
    You've tried every app from the PlayStore that promised to make you more productive but you still have the bad habit to click on time-wasting apps without second thought?
    Why is iChooseTo different?
    1) It gives YOU the power to choose: You can use apps for productive and unproductive things. So why block them completely? iCT asks you if you really want to open the app and forces you to make conscious decisions
    2) It stops you BEFORE you already wasted time: Many appblockers stop you after you run out of time. They "limit" the time you're able to waste. iCT makes it less probable that you waste time in the first place!

    Give it a try, write a review with ideas for improvement and be a part in the process of making this the best "appblock-app" for android!

    Download via Playstore:

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